Pdf Biology Of The Jerboa Jaculus Jaculus

Biology of the jerboa, Jaculus jaculus butleri Rodentia, Dipodidae, in the Sudan. Abstract. The lesser Egyptian jerboa Jaculus jaculus, is a member of the subfamily Dipodinae, known to have a number of subspecies. Previous studies of J. jaculus from North Africa found various morphological forms of unknown taxonomic status, which are frequently grouped into two taxa: J. jaculus. In this study, the lesser jerboa J. jaculus was trapped in the desert areas, while the greater jerboa J. orientalis was found in the semiarid regions in the North Ben Faleh et al., 2009 and Jaculus deserti Loche, 1867 was scored in the center and south of Tunisia Ben Faleh et al., 2010.

of the taxonomic status of the Egyptian jerboa, Jaculus jaculus from North Africa and the Middle East, performed by Shenbrot et al. 2016 resulted in two species: Jaculus jaculus Linnaeus 1758 and Jaculus hirtipes Lichtenstein, 1823. These species showed high niche divergence between them that coincided with genetic differences. The. Karyotypic Variation in Two Species of Jerboas Jaculus jaculus and Jaculus orientalis Rodentia, Dipodidae from Tunisia Abderraouf BEN FALEH, Abdelwaheb BEN OTHMEN, Khaled SAID and Laurent GRANJON Acccepted May 25, 2010 B EN F ALEH A.R.,B EN O THMEN A.,S AID K.,G RANJON L.2010.Karyotypicvariationintwo. Abstract. The lesser Egyptian jerboa Jaculus jaculus is a desert dwelling rodent that inhabits a broad Arabian–Saharan arid zone. Recently, two distant sympatric lineages were described in North-West Africa, based on morphometric and molecular data, which may correspond to two cryptic species. Jerboas belonging to the genus Jaculus are widely distributed rodents inhabiting Palearctic desert and semi-desert areas. Previous studies on the lesser Egyptian jerboa Jaculus jaculus showed the existence of various morphological forms of.

Pereira 1 The Comparative Gastrointestinal Morphology of Jaculus jaculus Rodentia and Paraechinus aethiopicus Erinaceomorpha Daniella L. Pereira1, Jacklynn Walters1, Nigel C. Bennett2,3, Abdulaziz N. Alagaili2,4. Cranial anatomy of Jaculus orientalis Rodentia, Dipoidea: new evidence for a close relationship of dipodioid and muroid rodents Brian S. Sheets Baruch College Follow this and additional works at:academicworks./bb_etds This Thesis is brought to you for free and open access by the Baruch College at CUNY Academic Works. Abstract. Moroccan samples of Jaculus orientalis, mean body weight 139.1 grams, and J. deserti, mean weight 74.5 grams, when subjected to ambient temperatures of 0 to 33° C maintained body temperature at levels reported for other placental mammals of similar size. Young, B. A., 1980, Some observations on the ultrastructure of the thyroid gland of the pregnant Plains viscacha Lagostomus maximus Alexander, R. McN, 1981, Estimates of the ben.

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