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The United States Census Bureau estimates that the population of Tennessee was 6,770,010 on July 1, 2018, an increase of 423,905 people since the 2010 United States Census, or 6.68%. This includes a natural increase since the last census of 124,385 people that is 584,236 births minus 459,851 deaths, and an increase from net migration of 244,537 people into the state. Contact Us; Search form. State Symbols. The official flag of the State of Tennessee in addition to the flag of the General Assembly and the flag of the Governor. Explore the official state symbols that represent Tennessee. State Tartan. A tartan is a traditional cloth pattern of Scottish tradition.

Get facts and photos about the 16th state. -XTennessee State Flag State Seal State Map Entered the Union: June 1, 1796 16th State Tennessee Capital City: Nashville Lagest Cities in Te. Tennessee State Info - State Facts, Symbols, Maps, Nickname & Motto.

Everything you ever wanted to know about the United States of America. Fun state facts, travel info, photos, history, quotes from the Founding Fathers, forum and more. Nashville Facts all u.s. currency banknotes Tennessee Quarter The Tennessee quarter, the 16th in the series and the first quarter to be released in 2002, celebrates the state's musical heritage. The Tennessee quarter features three musical instruments and a.

NETSTATE offers information on all the symbols for all 50 states. In addition, you'll find printable maps and flags, geography, history, information on the economy, agriculture and industry, almanacs, notable people and state quizzes. Find state facts you know and some you never heard of. Information on the states of the United States for school-age children.

Louisiana State Symbols, Facts & Info. The United States of America accepted Louisiana as the 18th state to enter the union. Below, you will find the official state symbols and interesting facts about Louisiana. THREE TENNESSEE FLAG FACTS YOU SHOULD KNOW. 1. THE BLUE BAR ON THE EDGE OF TENNESSEE’S FLAG DOESN’T SYMBOLIZE ANYTHING. That’s right: the blue bar is purely decorative. While most flag components act as symbols, the blue bar on Tennessee’s flag is just there for looks.

16/12/2019 · Healthy People 2010 defines health communication as “the art and technique of informing, influencing, and motivating individual, institutional, and public audiences about important health issues". Tennessee borders eight other states: Kentucky and Virginia to the north; North Carolina to the. Tennessee State Reptile Eastern Box Turtle Terrapene carolina Adopted on June 12, 1995. The Eastern Box Turtle, Terrapene carolina, was adopted when Governor Don Sundquist signed HB1224 on May 30, 1995 with an effective date of June 12, 1995.

  1. Official State Flag of Tennessee. The state flag of Tennessee has three stars representing the "grand divisions" of the state: East, Middle, and West. The stars are "bound together in indissoluble unity by an unending white band" officially adopted in 1905. All State Flags. Tennessee's flag was designed by LeRoy Reeves of the Third Regiment.
  2. Throughout the years, the state has adopted many symbols and honors that are representative of Tennessee. Learn more about our state symbols and what they say about our great state by the navigation pane to the right. For a complete list of state symbols and honors, check out the Tennessee Blue Book by clicking here.
  3. Tennessee's official and unofficial symbols including the state animal, bird, fish, flag, flower, gem, mammal, motto, nickname, coat of arms, song, seal, tree - by.

25/04/2015 · 20 Facts About Tennessee You Never Knew Were True. You may think that you know everything about Tennessee, but we found some crazy neat facts that you probably skimmed over in that middle school history book. US 50 State Symbols State Symbols, Emblems, and Mascots of the 50 States. Ancient Athens made the violet its symbol. A "National Garland of Flowers" created for the 1893 Chicago World's Fair made of representative flowers selected by each state was the inspiration for adopting official state. These state fact printables feature color maps and state statistics. Tennessee Fact Sheet. Description: This map and fact sheet is perfect for state reports and projects. United States Symbols and Statistics Interactive Map. Learn More. United States Capital Cities Interactive Map. State Seal. Pierre Eugene du Simitiere created New Jersey's State Seal in 1777. It contains five symbols, each of which represents something about New Jersey. Helmet and Horse Head. The helmet and the horse's head crest represent New Jersey's independence as a state. They also represent New Jersey's status as one of the first states. The University of Tennessee, Knoxville's McClung Museum lets you take an online look at several of its exhibits, including Archaeology and the Native Peoples of Tennessee, Geology and Fossils of Tennessee, and The Civil War in Knoxville.

Tennessee Facts and Trivia The city of Kingston served as Tennessee's state capital for one day September 21, 1807 as a result of treaties negotiated with the Cherokee Indians. The two-hour legislative session passed two resolutions and adjourned back to Knoxville.Kids learn facts and geography about the state of Tennessee including symbols, flag, capital, bodies of water, industry, borders, population, fun facts, GDP, famous people, and major cities.From the solar system to the world economy to educational games, Fact Monster has the info kids are seeking. Our site is COPPA and kidSAFE-certified, so you can rest assured it's a safe place for kids to grow and explore.Interesting U.S. State Facts. Because it was the first state to ratify the U.S. Constitution Delaware is considered by most people to be the first state of the United States of America. It ratified the Constitution on December 7, 1787 in Dover Delaware. On August 20th, 1959 Hawaii was the 50th and last state to join the United States.

Tennessee became the 16th state in 1796, bordered by eight present-day states and the Mississippi River. Though in its early days the state played a significant role in the abolition of slavery, by 1860 about 1 in 4 of all the people in Tennessee were slaves. Tennessee News Headlines. Located in the Southeast Region of the U.S. is Alabama the 22nd state admitted to the United States. On this page are lists of interesting facts about this state. Information on this page includes when Alabama became a state, what people who live there are called, and facts about its history. This information is written for both kids and adults.

Tennessee, the Volunteer State, has many symbols. Official symbols of the state are designated by act of the Tennessee General Assembly. The earliest state symbol was the first state seal, which was authorized by the original state constitution of 1796 and first used in 1802. The current seal design was adopted in 1987.

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